“As an OHA Trustee, I will work with my fellow Trustees to grow the Trust’s resources and make Hawai‘i a place where our children and grandchildren can live, work, and thrive.”

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A Qualified Fiduciary

As an OHA trustee, I would not be a lawmaker, but a fiduciary, using my education and experience to help stabilize OHA and grow the Trust to fulfill its mission: improving conditions for Native Hawaiians and all of Hawai‘i.  That is my vision.  That is my kuleana.

working in collaboration

I have worked alongside our kupuna, nonprofits, churches, unions, and other organizations in advocacy and social justice work my entire life.  As an OHA Trustee I will bring a spirit of collaboration to OHA for the betterment of the Native Hawaiian community and all who call Hawai‘i home.

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