The Hawai‘i Building & Construction Trades Council Endorses Makana Paris for OHA At-Large

Jul 17, 2018

HONOLULU — The Hawai‘i Building Trades & Construction Trades Council officially endorses Makana Paris for OHA Trustee At-Large.

HBCTC is a council that represents more than a dozen construction trade unions across Hawai‘i, with the mission to provide Hawai‘i’s working men and women with hope for a better tomorrow.  HBCTC is affiliated with the Building and Construction Trades Department and the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO).

Makana Paris’ extensive experience working with the legislature and advocacy groups on labor and environmental issues continues to bring together organizations and union support as a first-time candidate for political office. HBCTC’s endorsement represents the faith that a large proportion of the labor sector places in Makana Paris as someone who will help OHA find solutions to rebuild the trust that also support Hawai‘i’s workers through jobs, education, housing, and healthcare.

“A high-proportion of the construction trade unions are made up of Native Hawaiians, I am from a labor family myself, and I will serve as a fiduciary of the trust for the benefit of all Native Hawaiians,” said Makana Paris.  “Our people need good jobs, affordable housing, more education, and greater access to healthcare.  OHA has a large role to play in ensuring that Native Hawaiians will continue to be able to live and thrive in Hawai‘i.”

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