UNITE HERE! Local 5 Endorses Makana Paris for OHA At-Large

Jul 11, 2018

HONOLULU — UNITE HERE! Local 5, Hawai‘i’s Hospitality and Healthcare Union, officially endorses Makana Paris for OHA Trustee At-Large.

Makana Paris is the first and only candidate for OHA Trustee ever endorsed by Local 5.  There are 24 candidates for OHA Trustee up for election in 2018.

“I worked with the good people at Local 5 on the repeal of the Public Land Development Corporation, a hugely unpopular state organization which was exempted from any environmental and worker safety protections, Native Hawaiian rights, public safeguards, licensing requirements, and sunshine laws,” said Makana Paris.  “Together we made a difference by bringing accountability to an organization that was exempt from any of the safeguards that our communities have fought to put into place in Hawai‘i since statehood.  Now, I will continue that legacy of civic responsibility and accountability as I work to rebuild trust in OHA to create a better future for Native Hawaiians and all of Hawai‘i.”

UNITE HERE! Local 5 represents the tourism and hotel industry across Hawai‘i.  With over 10,000 members in hotels, restaurants, and boutique tourism firms, Local 5 has and continues to be an active and vocal presence in state politics – advocating for equitable wages, improved working conditions, and more jobs.

For more information from UNITE HERE! Local 5, please check-out their website: www.unitehere5.org/

Donate now to support the Makana Paris for OHA At-Large campaign, visit: www.votemakana.com.

For more information, contact:
Christopher Kuaiwa
Press Secretary, Friends of Makana Paris
(818) 903-4776