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Rebuilding trust in our officials, Rebuilding trust in our organization,
Rebuilding the trust for Hawai‘i.

Why I’m Running for OHA

I am not simply running for OHA because I am a Native Hawaiian who wants to get into politics.  As an OHA trustee, I would not be a lawmaker, but a fiduciary — one who has a legal responsibility to manage the relationship between a trust and its beneficiaries.

I have come from the communities that OHA — and the Trust — are designed to benefit. I have worked alongside our kupuna, nonprofits, churches, unions, and other organizations in advocacy and social justice work my entire life.  I want to help stabilize OHA and grow the Trust to fulfill its mission: improving conditions for Native Hawaiians and all of Hawai‘i. That means better healthcare, better housing, better education, and better jobs. That is my vision. That is my kuleana.


We come from a proud line of people who chose to navigate their way in the world while engaging each other in aloha. OHA should actively listen, receive, hear, and consider the manaʻo of those that have kuleana to share it — from the knowledge of our ancestors to the needs of those yet unborn. We must gather expert knowledge, lived experience, and the wisdom of our communities to chart next steps for our collective future.

Now is the time for our generation to step up. Our elders have prepared us for this journey.


Some voices are calling out for OHA to be discarded or dismantled.  OHA does not need to be destroyed, but its direction does need to be updated and improved upon.  OHA has become a large employer focused on providing services.  The methods and means of 20 and 30 years ago do not work in 2018 and will not work in 2028 or 2038.  It’s time for a new direction.

I believe trust resources would be better spent if OHA became a service-supporter. OHA should focus on helping and supporting organizations in the community that have expertise and experience, instead of trying to do everything itself.  OHA should focus on activities that positively impact the growth of the Trust and the creation of better healthcare, housing, education, and jobs for beneficiaries.

I have the background, knowledge, and experience to work with the other Trustees to make that happen.

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